Women, Wealth & Wine

Lakeland Credit Union spotted an opportunity to develop a financial literacy seminar specifically for women. They envisioned a comfortable and fun atmosphere that would have participants feeling relaxed and open to discussion, like they were hanging out a girlfriend’s house. There were two iterations of the event—one at a local café in Cold Lake, and one in the Lakeland boardroom in Bonnyville. Participants in both locations partook in hors d’oeuvres and refreshments, including wine and beer. LCU’s VP of Member Service and Certified Financial Planner (both female) were the presenters and they discussed how women can approach financial stages such as attending post-secondary, coupledom, having a family, separation, and planning for retirement. They spoke in plain language and provided handouts of key terms so the audience wouldn’t be distracted by taking notes. The event advertising had simple messaging with colorful imagery in wine tones. The graphic representation of a wine glass was easily recognizable. They advertised the event on social media, on their website, and in branch through posters, invitations, and TV system. Both events were well received, and had approximately 55 attendees each.

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