We've Got Your Back

In order to demonstrate CUA’s brand personality and commitment to helping everyday people get ahead, the concept for the 2018 Summer Brand Awareness Program was the well-known idiom of “We’ve got your back.” The phrase, often used by friends and trusted colleagues who can be counted on, no matter the circumstance, symbolizes the trust, empathy and commitment of CUA team members who take pride in being a second set of eyes for members, identifying issues in advance and providing advice before the member knows it’s needed. The Summer Brand Awareness program was called “We’ve got your back” and included a number of guerilla marketing events to share CUA as a banking option. During the summer months, CUA’s Better Way Street Team hosted the seven guerrilla marketing events at various locations across Halifax. The number “seven” was tied to CUA’s 70th Anniversary and the seven decades CUA has served the local community. These series of activities took place in high-traffic areas near CUA branches. CUA also initiated random acts of kindness called #10Kinaday event, reaching thousands of college and university students in Halifax. The campaign achieved: 1. A total reach of 81,741 through social media and in-person engagements. 2. 2,572 new visitors to the cua.com/gotyourback page 3. 110 new visitors to click on “Find the right account for you” linking to the Chequing and Savings Accounts page on cua.com.

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CUA: Lindsay Cross, John Michael Brewer