Unbelievable Stories Commercial Series

As a member-owned financial institution that puts member’s needs above everything else, it was only natural to shift the perspective of advertising and feature real members who have benefited from choosing Servus. They did so by developing a series of three 30 second commercials featuring a variety of members with different yet relatable goals and challenges. Ultimately these stories are about setting goals and working with a partner that is invested in the relationship and committed to finding a solution. Servus plays a pivotal role in each story through their commitment to customer service, expert tailored advice and unique Profit Share® Rewards Program. The premise of each story is “Believe it, you can feel good about your money”, which is designed to deliver against their brand promise of Feel Good About Your Money and address the prevailing insight that money is a source of stress and discontent for many Albertans. From an artistic perspective they applied a unique animation style to differentiate ourselves from our competition. Through animation they have greater flexibility to create a more persuasive story and maintain an illustrative identity unique to Servus.

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