Take Charge Money Manager

Coast Capital recently launched their Take Charge Money Manager, a personal financial management tool that helps members set budgets and track their spending without having to leave the online banking platform they’re already used to. Plus, they can aggregate their accounts from other FIs, so they really can see everything in one place. They created two characters to feature in this campaign: Ben and his alter ego, Bad-with-Money Ben. They stood side by side against a blue background, talking back and forth about their money management tactics. Ben portrayed that being good with your money is simple when you use the Take Charge Money Manager. He demonstrated how easy it is to use, and highlighted key features of the tool. Bad-with-Money Ben provided the contrast to Ben. Whether it’s blowing all his money on a gold ring for every finger, or using the swear jar method of saving, Bad-with- Money Ben showed us some of the more questionable money decisions he’s made. The campaign resulted in: 2,753,875 impressions, 1,428,105 views and 57% of Coast’s digital members have used the Take Charge Money Manager.

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Curtis Petersen (Coast Capital Savings), Sonia Westervelt (Coast Capital Savings), Rethink, Vizeum