Spryfield Branch Opening

In a time when many banking institutions are closing their doors, CUA seized an opportunity to expand its physical footprint in a community that is underserved by the bigger banks, Spryfield, Nova Scotia. A project team was assembled to develop a detailed implementation plan to open CUA’s first branch measuring just over 1,200 square feet. Spryfield is known for being a tight-knit community of more than 11,000 individuals. Tight-knit was exactly the kind of branch that CUA wanted to design, because when it comes to the saying “size matters,” CUA and Spryfield share the belief that bigger isn’t always better, unless it comes to measuring aspirations and heart. A very special element of the branch design was saved for last – and placed on the wall a week prior to opening as part of a private business reception. In 2018, CUA celebrated its 70th year in business. With roots dating back to 1948, CUA wanted to honour the community spirit of Spryfield within the branch design. Members of the CUA team sourced a photograph from 1948 from the Nova Scotia archives, featuring two volunteers with an old fire truck in front of the Spryfield fire station. The unique installation, placed prominently above the fireplace, provides the perfect reminder that CUA continues to evolve while never forgetting where CUA started.

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