Social Media: Financial Tips

Tips and ""life hacks"" are extremely popular on social media and YNCU wanted to capitalize on this trend using personal finances as a topic. They put together financial tips and life hacks for improving financial health with the purpose of helping their Social Media followers and wider audience in the community to save money, become more comfortable with their finances and understand ways to grow their money. The tips were presented in an easy to digest, bite-size and creative way. Our in-house designers created a PDF file with “top ten” tips of each financial theme which was also posted on YNCU’s website. Each social media post took a tip/hack and expanded on it, offering fun and helpful advice to their followers. This resulted in total engagements (reactions, comments, shares) across all social media platforms increasing by 78% in June, 16% in July and 191.6% with August’s “Financial Tips for Students”. The posts during this time had a Click-Through Rate (CTR) of 442 on Facebook alone. The financial tips were well-received and visitation to YNCU’s website increased from the previous three months by 20%.

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