Share Offering: Invest in Your Neighborhood

After conducting research, YNCU learned their members and community are attracted to local, organic and home-grown products. YNCU used this idea for their Share Offering Campaign and highlighted that their investments are 100% local and organically home-grown. They focused on the “local” aspect of the campaign, highlighting how Investment Shares not only provide a diversified solution for savings needs, but also help to strengthen the local communities. At the campaign close, YNCU celebrated the shares selling out and reaching their goal of $40 million in shares sold. Close to $9 million worth of shares were purchased from those members that received the personalized direct-mail piece, with roughly 5% of recipients taking advantage of the offer. These are powerful results, being that the average rate of return on direct mail is generally 1.5-2%. During the time the campaign ran The Investment Share Offering dominated media buys, accounting for nearly 90% of digital buys on social media, Google, Bell Media, and local news web partners and radio. As with any campaign, particularly one with as much longevity as this one, YNCU wanted to ensure they were constantly re-evaluating their methods to get the best possible reach and exposure for their advertising dollars. With the on-trend organic, home-grown messaging and imagery, they appealed to the masses with a fresh and “organic” approach which resulted in YNCU hitting their share sale target for the year.

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