‘Servus Guy’ Radio Series

Servus has a lucrative Profit Share Patronage Program in Canada, paying over $30 million to members in 2018 alone. But not many people were taking advantage of the Servus Profit Share® Rewards Program. To tackle this issue head on they developed a series of radio ads featuring a unique character aptly named the 'Servus Guy' to simplify the profit share message and implore people to reconsider where they do their banking. Using an appropriate amount of humor, sarcasm and no non-sense language, Servus Guy is used throughout the year to reaffirm differentiators of customer service, tailored expert advice, and most importantly Servus Profit Share® Rewards. Ultimately the premise of each ad is ""Believe it, you can feel good about your money"", which is designed to deliver against the Servus brand promise of “Feel Good About Your Money” and address the prevailing insight that money is a source of stress and discontent for many Albertans.

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