Redefining VirtualWealth

VirtualWealth is a digital advice platform for individuals who want to invest online but don’t want to spend time on tasks like research and portfolio management. A fully automated service, it offers professionally designed portfolios, constant oversight and regular rebalancing. It enables clients to grow their investments with a simple, low-cost solution. In fall 2018, Aviso Wealth’s team expanded and enhanced the service with new Responsible Investing portfolios, simplified pricing and redesigned user experience. Then, to support their credit union partners, built several new resources including: a “referral portal” that helps advisors and front-line staff refer members to VirtualWealth while maintaining a value-added relationship; an expanded digital marketing kit with a variety of support pieces for advisors and marketers; and new print materials including a brochure, tent card and Fast Facts. The result is a robust platform that empowers investors to reach their savings goals, and helps credit unions diversify their product offering, deepen relationships and grow their share-of-wallet. Since its launch in December 2018, the new VirtualWealth site has made a big impression. User engagement, conversions and new accounts are all up significantly. • Goal completions up 119.4% • Goal conversion rate up 54% • Pages/session up 39% • Average session duration up 56.1% • 70 credit unions are now actively promoting, or preparing to promote, VirtualWealth to their members

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Annie Wong, Darryl Cheung Kate Stewart, Kay Kim, Sean Kelly, Kyla Oswald