Profit Shares Campaign

In early 2018, Vision Credit Union met with IVY to discuss a marketing campaign to promote their profit sharing program. This program offers one of the best returns in Alberta and it’s a huge benefit to members. Vision felt confident profit shares could win over potential members if they understood its value. It’s free money, after all. A recent CCUA poll revealed that 43 percent of Albertans don’t know what a credit union is. For many, the idea of membership sounds complicated. They don’t want to spend the time to change banks for ideological reasons. Vision took a “dollars-first” approach to the Vision profit share campaign to send a clear and compelling message to Vision Credit Union – their accounts can put extra money in a member’s wallet. All collateral in the “What’s your share?” profit sharing campaign was designed to drive traffic to the profit calculator, which reveals the financial benefit of a Vision Credit Union membership. Because the campaign featured photos and stories of actual Vision members, they were also able to convey in a subtle way the “soft” benefits of being a Vision member — connected to community, local, service-focussed, etc. This values-based message is also reflected in the soft-sell campaign slogan: “We don’t see profit, we see profit sharing. We see banking differently.” This knits the profit share campaign together with Vision’s new tagline: “We see banking differently” and will be the creative foundation of future campaigns.

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