Agriculture Sub-Brand

Agriculture plays a vital role in our Canadian lives and economy, and Northern Credit Union (NCU) has supported this sector for many years. For 2018, the credit union wanted to strengthen its agriculture offerings and build awareness for these specialized financial products and services. To help NCU realize its business objectives, the credit union devised a strategy where it would create a sub-brand for its Agriculture-based products and services. The thinking was that because these products are unique, they warrant a unique identity to help speak to the target audience in a meaningful way, and to deliver messages that resonate with them. With this strategy in place, NCU dipped into its brand cache, most notably its brand essence of ‘Northern Knows’ and its creative platform of ‘Yeah. We know.’ Both of these sentiments play an important role in all of the credit union’s brand and product communications and would continue to do so with its new Agriculture sub-brand. Upon the launch of NCU’s agriculture sub-brand, it developed two distinct creative editions —one to build awareness and the other to showcase the credit union’s dedicated agriculture products and services. While both creative approaches were different, they both showcased NCU’s familiar lighthearted nature, while also displaying the credit union’s signature brand elements, tone and manner.

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