NeighbourGood Community Brand Launch

Over the past five years, Connect First Credit Union (CFCU) has experienced significant growth. CFCU now operates in over 40 communities across Central and Southern Alberta, has more than 120,000 members, and employs over 700 people. As a community-based and co-op principled business the organization identified the need for a more robust community involvement program and NeighbourGood was launched in the fall of 2018. NeighbourGood encouraged meaningful connections with community partners in a way that fits CFCU values and theirs. The shift in the community brand has empowered the branch and administrative teams, building connections at the community-level and involving them in grassroots initiatives. These changes have also created a stronger connection to the program with CFCU employees, evidenced by the significant increase in tracked volunteerism, and community-based grant applications. • Memorable Engagement: 100% team participation organization-wide in the NeighbourGood/Making Money Make a Difference video challenge • External Audience Engagement: 330,000 impressions and 255,661 video plays of the Making Money Make a Difference video challenge • Employee Engagement: 405.25 hour increase (243% increase) in staff volunteer hours between November 1, 2018 and February 16, 2019, in comparison to the same time period in the year previous. 687.25 hours: 282 hours • Grant Growth: 28 grant requests were received since launch of the new NeighbourGood brand, and have already completed 32 Each One Teach One workshops, bringing one of CFCU’s pillars – Money Skills – to life in their community

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