My Life Here

Libro re-wrote the rules of how to bank in southwestern Ontario and changed their marketing approach to generate positive buzz in their markets about Libro as a champion of southwestern Ontario lifestyles. By doing so, they reached their goal to attract new people to start banking with Libro using the campaign: My Life Here. My Life Here campaign features stories that are relevant and compelling in today’s world. Inclusive and compelling stories of My Life Here push against stereotypes and generate interesting conversations about how to live (and bank) in southwestern Ontario. • Total social media reach: 841,394 and total post engagements: 41,848 • Reached 1,675 average engagements on social media by 178% with an average of 4,650 engagements on social media during the campaign. • New Owner target was 5,184. The My Life Here campaign exceeded our target at 5,474 new Owners in the same period, exceeding our goal by 105.6% • Our content drove potential Owners to visit our My Life Here landing page. During the campaign, we exceeded our targets of 10,200 page views by 285% at 39,220 views, and 9,600 unique views by 270% at 35,523. • Across social media channels we had a total of 1,624,120 video views and 58 hours of video time watched.

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