Money Talks

While Tandia offers highly competitive products and its service is outstanding, they felt that there was an opportunity to further differentiate the brand through the development of its Brand Personality. Their objective was to create a distinct and recognizable ‘voice’ for the brand. Everyone has unique needs when it comes to money whether it’s a home or a comfortable retirement or to send children to college or university. But the one thing people have in common is that we all want our money to work harder. That’s why Tandia brought money to life, literally by creating two charming characters called “Money” who playfully strategize ways to achieve more, and get there faster. Inevitably that answer is Tandia. The characters were warm, approachable and witty, creating a unique, memorable and enduring personality for Tandia. The messaging they delivered was flexible to accommodate whatever particular campaign message was being showcased. In 2018 there were four radio commercials produced and aired, spanning two major campaign initiatives. For our Winter RRSP/TFSA Campaign, the two spots were “Escape” and Novel”. For our Fall Deposit Campaign, the spots were “Big Dreams” and “Sleepy Hollow”.

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Rachel Osborne, Jane Morreale, The Township Group