Meridian's End to End Digital Mortgage

In September 2017, Meridian launched a true end- to-end digital lending platform that allows Members and prospects to get pre-approved for and fulfil a Mortgage completely online. Designed with the user in mind, the digital mortgage platform is not only convenient but is one of the first of its kind in market, including Canadian credit unions. To launch the digital mortgage platform, Meridian embarked on a coordinated marketing campaign that included television, radio, digital and social media advertising. The objective was to reach all audiences through various platforms that are easily visible and audible to Members and prospects in their daily routines. The campaign positioned Meridian as a forwar- thinking organization that is always innovating, while also always keeping the user’s needs in mind when developing new solutions. Overall, there was a 94% increase in digital lending applications after the launch of the Meridian Mortgage campaign. This increase was compared to two months prior to the launch of the campaign.

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Sari Arhontoudis, Meridian Rebecca Tsonis, Meridian Traffik Group