Love Your Local Pop-up Market

AWCCU, the largest locally owned credit union in the Durham region, wanted to celebrate their 80th anniversary and showcase their involvement in the region by holding a pop-up market. They brought over 20 local, independent businesses from craft beer, butter tarts, grilled cheese food trucks, honey, and more to their Oshawa branch. For our first year, they hosted 300+ guests at the event and the after-event impact is STILL rolling in. The #LoveYourLocal campaign featured popular and less known independent businesses around the region, tapping into their audience and sharing local love on Facebook and Instagram. On average, each #LoveYourLocal post reached 700+ locally and built the platform for the Love Your Local pop-up market post/event reach of 10,700+ locally, with 50.8% reach under 39 years old in the Durham region. In addition to reaching out to the community through these posts, they harnessed the actual pop-up market as an opportunity to introduce their credit union to the 20+ local businesses that attended as vendors. AWCCU already has vendors and local businesses asking about the 2019 pop-up market. This event put them on the map with the community, local businesses, and has become an incredible talking point for their commercial department and a ‘non- banking benefit’ of choosing AWCCU. They have leveled-up our presence in the community and are excited to see how this event evolves as they grow!

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