Let's Taco Bout It

With a belief that financial wellness is a lifelong learning process, Northern Savings offers programs and information for those aged six to those sixty and over, and everyone in between. In October 2018, they hosted two Executor learning sessions, led by Concentra Financial. Understanding that the subjects of death, executors, and wills are very sensitive, they wanted to ensure the sessions were fun, engaging, and relevant for their audience. The target was adults in their 40’s and 50’s who would bring along their elderly parents, so that different generations were able to experience the session together – learning consistent information. The messaging made light of the heavy subject, but in a respectful and playful way. The message - Let’s Taco Bout It, subtly conveyed that it was a sensitive topic, but that it is a truly important discussion to have with those we love. The taco themed event was a hit. People came out for the information and for the food. The goal was to have 25 attendees at each session and they had almost 50 at the Terrace session and more than 70 at the Prince Rupert session. It was the creative messaging of the events brought attendees out – and Northern Savings was thrilled to enrich the financial literacy of more than 100 local community members.

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