Introducing Fusion, the new credit union you've known for years.

The April 2018 amalgamation created a unique opportunity for what is now Fusion Credit Union; a new beginning borne of legacy Catalyst and Vanguard credit unions. Each organization was strong and performing well in its own right; the amalgamation was an opportunity to create more for the members, employees and communities, conceived and executed by a forward-thinking and strategic Board of Directors. Insights were gathered from key stakeholder groups, staff and members through interviews and surveys. Ideas were translated into a brand look and feel that incorporates the logo, fonts, colour palette, photography and videography style and tone of voice. Together they represent who Fusion is and what they stand for. The brand and website launched December 19, in a rollout that engaged branch managers first, then a general staff meeting, followed by the launch of the website and each branch opening boxes of brand materials for display and distribution. Refreshments and branded gifts were provided to members and staff. A brand booklet delivered to each branch described the process, the decisions behind the brand elements, and the tagline and tone of voice, so staff could get a broader idea of what was to come. Staff and members comments about the brand have been overwhelmingly positive.

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