Financial FOMO Student Campaign

First Calgary Financial spotted an opportunity to both build relationships with students in Calgary through the promotion of a specialized suite of products and services while strengthening their financial literacy skills. Campaign goals included easing the financial burden for three Calgary students, driving awareness of the specialized product suite, and collecting subscribed email addresses for future lead generation efforts. Your degree doesn’t need to be a debt sentence was the key message of the campaign dubbed ‘Fighting Financial FOMO’ (fear of missing out). Through an engaging contest, we provided students a chance to win one of three generous prizes ($5,000 for tuition, $2,500 certificate to save toward the future, $1,000 Ticketmaster gift certificate) First Calgary’s Fighting Financial FOMO contest engaged +2,900 local Calgary students to raise awareness around the need for proactive financial planning and budgeting at the start of post- secondary journeys, aligned to the launch timing of a YMCA partnership. It ultimately eased the financial burden for three lucky winners by funding tuition, savings, and entertainment. Follow-up email marketing is now underway to convert contest participants to new members. Overall results were 2,975 subscribed emails (149% of actual goal, 99% of stretch goal) for the next leg of the student email drip campaign – 2019 project as well as 3,000 new click-through conversions via digital channels 1,300 + visits to secondary messaging site

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