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In July of 2018, Central 1 relaunched its provincewide Get Your Share program, an incentive- based program designed to attract new members to credit unions throughout BC. First West ran a four-month online media campaign that increased brand awareness and drove prospects directly to the branded Get Your Share website. First West’s strategy was to target retail customers and business owners at multiple stages of their customer journey, ensuring tailored messages were aligned to and delivered at the right times, via the most effective channels. Employing third-party research, First West mapped the customer acquisition journey and used the resulting insights to develop a plan for flexible, creative messaging (FEEL-LIEF, DOUGH-LIGHTED) that tailored the in-market message to respond to the positive or negative sentiments an audience member may have at any stage in the customer journey (I.e. “Catalyst”, “Investigation” and “Weigh Differences”). To ensure a streamlined acquisition journey, advertising drove audiences straight to First West’s custom-branded Get Your Share website landing pages. In addition, Facebook Lead Forms were used to simplify the audience journey. Total conversions: 1,024 Average, CPA: $168, Impressions: 16,007,718, Clicks: 64,300 and CTR:0.4%.

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