Content & Experiential Marketing Program

The goal of CUA’s content and experiential marketing program is to engage with people the way big banks can’t – developing strong relationships and shining a light on Nova Scotian businesses. Because CUA’s version of “corporate” is “local,” the team can do more to monitor and participate in conversations, developing specialized content and experiences. CUA’s robust content and experiential marketing program incorporated a number of tactical elements, including social media, CUAuthors performers, Better Way Street Team, Financial literacy, member stories and newsletters. CUA set the following objectives in its content and experiential marketing programs and achieved tremendous results: • Grow CUA’s social media following by 15% in 2018. Result: In one year, CUA grew its online community of social media followers by 27%, with a total number of social media followers of 6,800 in 2018. Each CUA platform saw growth in 2018, Instagram (800), Twitter (500), Facebook (400), and LinkedIn (100), with engagement levels at an all-time high, more organic shares and comments being shared. • Engage with CUA members through sharing small business content 300 times on social media. Result: CUA small business content shared 336 times throughout the year on social media. • Achieve 40,000 impressions of CUAuthors article shared on social media. Result: In total, the CUAuthors articles had more than 90,000 impressions on social media and generated 2,935 website visitors. • Use It’s a Money Thing content on social media and extend reach to 30,000. Result: It’s a Money Thing content, was placed high rotation throughout 2018, achieving a reach of more than 38,000.

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CUA: Lindsay Cross, John Michael Brewer