Branch Renovations

The branch renovation undergone in 2018 was a key component of a complete, multi-year organizational structure change. Weyburn found members weren’t coming in to do simple transactions like they once did; those transactions are increasingly being completed digitally. But does this mean people aren’t coming in to their branches? No, people are still coming in, less often but for different reasons. People come in for advice and solutions; they come in to engage with local experts for more in-depth and complex matters. When they do come in, their expectations are high; they want a great experience. They needed their branch to reflect the transition to an advice and solution centre environment and they undertook a renovation to transform their environment. “Your brand is your promise to the world. Deeper than a website and harder working that any brochure, your brand is most powerful when it is reflected by both your employees and your building.” This was a quote about brand found on the NEWGROUND website. The branch renovation speaks volumes about their brand and creates a unique vibe within the community. The end result? A space that feels very cohesive, very professional but welcoming, very visionary, very Weyburn, very them.

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Branch Design


Designer: NewGround General Contractor: JHC construction WCU Executive Lead: Val Ness