Black Friday-SAVE, Don't Spend!

For this campaign, the objective was simple: attract deposits. Since limited-time specials have performed well for YNCU in the past, they only opened the deposit offer for a one-week time period. This created a sense of urgency, which, paired with a great rate brought in deposits quickly. They stressed the “Limited-Time Offer” of 3.33% on a 2-year term deposit, and used many streams of media to advertise: radio, local website buys, social media, Google Ads, Bell Geo- targeted Ads. Black Friday is an opportunity for most retailers to promote SPENDING, where as their approach stood out in the marketplace, urging members to “SAVE, Don’t Spend this Black Friday”. The overall campaign achieved $8.5 million in new deposits for YNCU during the campaign period ($2.2 million coming in from the direct-mail piece alone. Lead by attractive visuals, a multi-channel strategy and a great rate, this campaign achieved unprecedented results.

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