Ambroise & Lawrence - Fall Brand Awareness Program

In 2015, as part of their new brand strategy, CUA developed a single, vibrant green door that was visible throughout their creative campaigns. Since that time, that green door has continued to be established as a positive and aspirational brand symbol for CUA. For the Fall 2018 Brand Awareness Program, CUA built on the success of the green door brand symbol, by combining it with additional brand messages. The green door shifted to play a supporting role and the central focus became real members who have seen and experienced the CUA difference. For the first time, CUA introduced real members in its material. Ambroise Matwawana and Lawrence Conrad were featured prominently, sharing the stories of how they opened the door to owning their own home and business. This evolved CUA’s brand storytelling, keeping the green door as a secondary and featuring real people and real doors at the forefront. CUA set bold objectives for the campaign: 1. Increase aided brand awareness from 41% in 2017 to 50% in 2018. Result: 52% 2. Create over 10 million impressions through a diverse media plan. Result: 15 million impressions 3. Increase YouTube video completion rate from 33% in Fall 2017 to 40% in Fall 2018. Result: 53% completion rate 4. Increase traffic to CUA’s No Down Payment Mortgage webpage by 100% compared to the 2017 Fall Program. Result: 1,461% visits 5. Increase CUA Membership Application page visits by 100% compared to the 2017 Fall Program. Result: Increase of 273%

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CUA: Lindsay Cross Creative Agency: Arrivals + Departures Video Production: Accomplice Content Supply Co. Media Agency: MW360 Media