Alterna Savings Spring Mortgage Campaign

Alterna discovered that mortgages are at the top of many people’s lists when it comes to anxiety-causing financial decisions. Consumer research shows that mortgages are complex and intimidating. They wanted a campaign to reflect the ease and choice in dealing with Alterna Savings. They needed to make mortgages friendly and approachable. The insight was simple and powerful. Acknowledge the pain points and intimidation around buying a house and getting a mortgage. The promise was equally simple: Alterna makes the mortgage experience friendly and approachable. Say Hello to UnScary Mortgages from Alterna Savings. Alterna created a memorable metaphor for UnScary Mortgages: A quirky collection of UnScary Monsters. These UnScary would provide a memorable, sticky mnemonic for members, potential members and staff. Each of these UnScary Monsters, with their unique personalities, were able to convey an appropriate message to break the ice and provoke a conversation with the staff. A strong call to action would then encourage people to seek advice from an Alterna mortgage expert. The campaign was an immediate hit. With staff falling in love with the personable and quirky monsters, and the target audience responding with close to a thousand new members, FUM increased over two and a half times and website traffic tripling compared to same period the previous year. Best of all, it increased engagement, made mortgages a little less scary and made home buying just a little bit easier.

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