Alterna Savings Fall Investment Savings Campaign

Alterna set out to create a campaign that would invite members and potential members to start a conversation with them about saving for retirement. One that would bring down the barriers, and reflect the ease and choice in dealing with Alterna Savings. They needed to make investment savings friendly and approachable. Their insight – and related promise – were both simple and powerful: Alterna would acknowledge the pain points and intimidation around saving/investing for the future, making the experience friendly and approachable. With Alterna, there’s no need to fear investing. Welcome to UnScary Banking. They built their core promise around the insight that ‘Investing can be scary, BUT planning for it doesn't have to be’. To bring that promise to life, Alterna leveraged quirky, personality-filled UnScary Monsters. UnScary Banking quickly became a creative concept that provided a strong platform for all advice, product and rate offerings, plus conversation capital through characters that are memorable and ‘sticky’. These unforgettable friends embodied a promise of friendly approachability that became an icebreaker and conversation starter. Members and Staff easily related to campaign, while the ‘prospect’ target audience responded with close to 900 new members, FUM doubled and there was a discernible spike in website traffic compared to same period the previous year. Best of all, it increased engagement and customer interaction, making saving for the future/retirement less scary and more comfortable.

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