Aldergrove Credit Union Annual Report 2017

Namesake to the beautiful community of Aldergrove, that is rich with an abundance of alder trees, Aldergrove Credit Union is nestled in the heart of the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia, where the city meets rural and is surrounded by mountains and lush farmland. The 2017 Annual Report was a key communication medium to visually capture the beauty of the area and the strong ties of Aldergrove Credit Union who has been serving their members since 1954. Throughout the 32-page Annual Report, images of alder trees are mixed with messaging of who Aldergrove is, how they connect with the community through fundraising, volunteerism, donations and sponsorships while also highlighting their 2017 financials. Overall, the 2017 Aldergrove Credit Union Annual Report speaks to Aldergrove’s beautiful landscape and how it intrinsically ties into the overall direction their credit union is taking with building lifelong relationships rooted in trust and confidence, one member at a time.

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Central 1 Credit Union Creative Services (Agency) and Emily Ingram, Marketing & Communications Manager, Aldergrove Credit Union