Alberta Central 2017 Annual Report

Created in partnership with Clearmotive Marketing Group, the focus for the 2017 Alberta Central Annual Report was to try a new approach. Historically, Alberta Central annual reports were generally designed for print, using a classic format and layout heavy in text. Recognizing the need for a new, modern strategy for 2017, Alberta Central mapped out new objectives for the annual report, including: • Showcase credit unions as innovative, leading-edge organizations • Educate Albertans on what credit unions are • Highlight how Alberta Central supports the system and how credit unions give back to the community • Position Alberta Central as a trusted source of expertise and leaders in embracing change The message of the 2017 Alberta Central Annual Report was simple – the credit union system must embrace change and see disruption as a positive if we are to survive. By highlighting the great results and community-focus of Alberta credit unions but not shying away from tough messages about innovation and the need to grow, this report did more than simply provide financial updates to board members and system employees. It provoked, empowered and inspired all stakeholders and began a bold new journey for Alberta Central that continues into 2019 and beyond.

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Alexandra Frison, Director, Communications & Strategic Enablement, Alberta Central Clearmotive Marketing Group