ACU's New Credit Card Product Launch

ACU wanted to create a stronger awareness of its credit card product offering in the general public and to its membership. From a more holistic point of view, they wanted people to feel good about ACU and the products it offers and be matched with the credit card that is best for their situation. A strong in-branch presence was launched informing all members that ACU had switched its credit card offering. A strong digital campaign was created using Google AdWords, social media, online and website advertising. A teaser campaign announced that a change was coming, followed by the reveal campaign. Personas were developed to support internal online training so that employees knew how to match the right card with the right member and how to talk to members about the different card types. In-branch materials included large format posters, ATM advertising, counter posters, backlit posters, and ATM screen messages and brochures. During the campaign, ACU achieved 164% of its objective. Through branch contests and emphasis on training ACU reached its five-month goal in half the time. ACU employees and members understood the new product offerings and felt they had enough information to make the right choice for them.

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Darryl Hartle 23Below Graphic Design Services Inc. Randy Kohuch Vida Loca Creative Marketing Inc.