ACU Annual Report

To create an annual report that not only delivered the financial results of Assiniboine Credit Union and the official greetings that go along with it, but one that could help set ACU apart from other local financial institutions by telling stories that are important to the community. From a business point of view, the annual report is required to tell the financial story of how the credit union is performing so that its members are fully aware of how the financial health of their cooperative. From a holistic point of view, they wanted members to feel good about their credit union. They wanted them to understand first hand that their money is helping their fellow ACU members and the community where everyone lives. From a marketing point of view, ACU wanted to create a strong awareness of the good it does in the community, thereby speaking to like-minded individuals with the potential of growing its membership. While tangible results of releasing an annual report are somewhat difficult to measure, ACU’s annual member survey showed that members who strongly agreed with the statement “what ACU does for the community and the environment makes me feel proud to be a member” increased by a statistically significant 9% in 2018 over 2017.

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Annual Report


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