2018 Deposit Campaign

LIVE LIFE AND SAVE FOR IT - SCU’s deposit campaign is both the aspirational and pragmatic. Pre-authorized contributions make it easy to save and SCU’s comparatively high rates allow members to earn more on those savings giving them the freedom to “live life” and do more with their money. Coupled with sound advice and savings strategies, SCU members have the peace of mind of knowing their needs are being taken care of today and tomorrow. The intent of this campaign was to attract new members with attractive savings offering and engage existing members to open deposit accounts or contribute more to their existing products. All of the campaign elements drove traffic to a landing page which included a custom calculator that showcased key SCU benefits and allowed members and potential members to see for themselves how much they could save at SCU versus their competitors. Allowing users to engage with this calculator gave them the opportunity to understand and evaluate how savings rates differences impact their ability to achieve their savings goals, allowing them to live life and save for it. The calculator proved to be a highly visual and successful way of driving visitors to their online account opening site to open a savings account online. Overall conversion rate grew by 26% YOY, overall site traffic grew by 19% YOY and they achieved membership growth of 14% above our target 2018 Deposit growth 8.47% YOY.

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