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We're for Real

The financial category sells Canadians on dreams, but for the middle class, it’s not a sailboat or mansion keeping them up at night. It’s the everyday: supporting kids’ education, saving for retirement, starting a business... these are the real goals that everyday Canadians need support with. Rather than focusing on lofty, unattainable dreams, ‘We’re For Real’ confronts category conventions to help Canadians realize the things they’re dreaming about—like comfort, freedom, and financial security—don’t have to be dreams at all. As a member owned financial cooperative, we demonstrate our commitment towards helping everyday Canadians address their goals and challenges, giving them a chance to feel seen and understood by a financial institution for the first time. With support from Coast Capital, they can unlock new levels of success. ‘We’re for Real’ featured our new brand look and feel across TV/video, radio, billboards, paid digital, social and PR activity. All campaign videos and photographs were shot with real people vs. actors and prominently featured the diversity of our membership base. All creative applied a ‘golden light’ treatment to demonstrate optimism for our members that comes from working with a real partner like Coast Capital. Unparalleled in our commitment to authenticity in marketing, every detail of our campaign is reflective of the challenges, emotions and moments felt by real Canadians – further showcasing how Coast Capital understands our members better than anyone else. ‘We’re for Real’ successfully put Coast Capital on Canadians’ radars, forging an emotional connection in an out-of-touch category. The campaign generated over 114 million impressions (+102% to target), with campaign videos resulting in 6.5M completed views (+123% to target) and a 26% lift in positive brand sentiment, with overall ad recall as high as 7%. Landing page visits exceeded benchmarks by 150%, with time spent on-site nearly doubling expectations.

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Andrew Rusk - VP Marketing Ashley Gagnon - Senior Brand Manager Trish Tambellini - Director of Marketing Creative and media agency partner - Cossette