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Tandia Talks Money Podcast

Tandia aspires to partner alongside its members to help them build prosperous futures. Promoting Financial Literacy continues to be the forefront of Tandia’s community commitment. A large component of Tandia’s educational offerings in pre-pandemic times was the delivery of in-person workshops to employer audiences (primarily educators and WSIB employees) each year on a variety of financial wellness topics. Our annual participation rate in these workshops was typically 500 participants, comprised of both current and potential members. When the pandemic set in, we successfully pivoted our presentations into webinar format. While this proved to be reasonably effective, participation rates declined as it limited exposure. The Marketing Team began to research what was involved in producing a podcast and its potential reach. They set sights on the target audience (Millennial’s age 30 – 45) and came up with an initial list of financial topics for the first few episodes. They found a podcast partner to work with, Podcast Nation and invested in basic recording equipment. The initial investment was $6K and monthly support is $2K. The podcast content creator, presenter and host is Tandia’s knowledgeable and approachable Carla Ricci, Manager of Community Development. The podcast concept was to present a unique experience for listeners, with Carla as ‘your banking bff’ who’s goal is to break down money stigmas and chat about real life struggles, education and winning strategies related to finances and financial wellness. To help keep it fresh and interesting, she’s had various experts and guests from Tandia’s team join on the show. Listeners can tune in to ‘Tandia Talks Money’ on any podcast app (Apple, Spotify, Audible). Our first weekly podcast aired on October 18th, 2021. 105 weekly podcasts were published by year end. New episodes continue to be released each Monday and audio links are also uploaded to our website. Each one provides up-to-date product information and advice that we fully manage, update and control. Promotion of the podcast was done primarily through Tandia’s website and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn), taking advantage of an already-cultivated audience who have expressed interest in Tandia’s content. Leveraging the existing audience, the podcast was marketed with engaging social media posts, video sound bites and direct links to listen. We have successfully created a new and innovative medium with a cost-effective strategy that creates an authentic feel for the personality of our brand. By year end, the podcast following grew to an average of 100 active listener per episode and is currently sitting at over 1200 subscribers in a few short months. The podcast has provided a new and innovative way to educate our target audience while not being restricted by COVID-19. This is a channel we can continue to build upon and connect with our audience at their convenience.

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