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Saven Financial

On January 11, 2021, FirstOntario Credit Union launched our first-ever online-only banking platform. Its goal was to provide a simple, convenient experience, while maximizing the saving opportunities for members. But we couldn’t just get our name out there. We needed a campaign on a modest budget to resonate. So, Saven Financial was born. An online hub that would be supported by a 100% online campaign. We decided to focus on two products only – a High Interest Savings Account and Guaranteed Investment Certificates – to ladder up to the sole focus of our brand. Saving. Every single communication featured “words” like – Stashin’. Keepin’. Scrimpin’. It allowed us to communicate the products, but also get our name out there as much as possible. The brand was represented visually in the way we wanted potential customers to see us – warm, welcoming and straightforward. In addition to creating a home for Ontarians to save, with each deposit, Saven would make a charitable donation on behalf of the member. So, saving also meant giving! In one year, our product launch earned some exciting results. We saw CTRs upwards of 29%, and reached a search impression share of 63.79%. As well there was a 32.45% increase in impression share on all Saven-branded keywords, with HISA and GIC focused keywords reaching anywhere from 50% to 100% impression share. What’s more, the ROAS on the campaign spend was 725x, and deposits crushed targets by over 33%. For our members across Ontario, Saven stands for saving. And, to us, it clearly also stands for impressive results.

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