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Flash Sale Deposit Campaign

A frequently used word to describe these last two years is “unprecedented”. In a much more positive way, that word also reflects both Tandia’s deposit and lending growth results in 2021. Pent-up demand particularly from older millennials resulted in a banner year for real estate transactions and a great response to Tandia’s Mortgage Campaign that launched early in the year. By early spring of 2021, we recognized that we were experiencing another record-breaking year and demand for lending, with a very strong pipeline in the upcoming months for both retail and commercial mortgages. While our Mortgage Campaign continued running, we needed to put a short-term focus on attracting significant new deposits to help keep up with funding our outstanding mortgage growth. The Flash Sale Deposit Campaign started May 10, 2021, with a run date until June 12, 2021. Our key objective was to attract $30 Million in new deposits in 30 days from existing and potential new members who have accumulated, liquid savings at other financial institutions. Our core insight was a lack of enticing deposit rates in the market at the time and therefore the market lacked a reason to move liquid savings to another financial institution, we determined we could offer a 90-Day rate at a market-leading rate of 2% on new deposits (capped at $30M). All our media worked in tandem, delivering the consistent and powerful message containing a sense of urgency and exclusivity to incentivized new members to join and make their first deposit, as well as entice existing members to deposit additional funds with us: Flash Sale! 2% - 90- Day Term Deposit The primary media channels chosen for this campaign were (digital ads), The Weather Network ( home page takeovers) and Tandia’s social media pages including Facebook, and Instagram. All digital ads/posts linked to a campaign landing page on our website. The rationale for using, was to target deposit rate shoppers where we were sure our offer would stand out. The rationale for using social media posts was to connect with our target audiences of both members and potential new members that follow us. In addition, Tandia utilized its predictive segmentation model to develop a highly targeted contact list of the best prospects within our membership – members likely to have potential for new or higher Savings, Term Deposit, TFSA or RRSP balances. We also developed a script for staff to follow and assigned 2100 calls directly to retail staff using our CRM. The outcome was an overwhelming and immediate response to our offer, enabling us to achieve our $30M target of new deposits, in less than 30 days. We also attracted several new members because of the offer. With this quick influx of surplus liquidity, we were able to continue meeting the demand and response to our mortgage campaign. 2021 became a year of record-breaking growth for both deposits and mortgages at Tandia, and this campaign played a key part.

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Rachel Osborne, Stin Hrycajkiw, Guru Communications