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connectFirst Credit Union - Spring Brand Launch

Where we came from In 2014, connectFirst Credit Union was formed following a merger between First Calgary Financial and Chinook Credit Union. This marked the beginning of a bold new direction for our credit union. Since then, we have successfully expanded our provincial footprint through amalgamations with Legacy Credit Union (2017) and Mountain View Credit Union (2019). Most recently, connectFirst acquired SPARK The Energy Credit Union which was finalized in November of 2021. Uniting under a collective banner of connectFirst, we re-introduced ourselves to Albertans in May of 2021 – with a renewed commitment to being a Beacon of hope in a time of economic uncertainty. What we’ve done We reintroduced ourselves to Albertans at a critical time. A time where there’s an uncertainty about the future of our province, a sense of disconnection with each other, and questions about what’s next in our economy of Alberta. More than even, Albertans need to hear we’ve got their backs and that we’re in this together. We reintroduced ourselves at a time when Albertans needed us most, when people were starving for a sense of connection and belonging. Over this past year, we worked hard to understand what our members want, and what Albertans need. In our research, we heard loud and clear. They want to feel understood. They want to feel heard. They want to feel a sense of belonging. And when we re-introduced ourselves to Albertans on May 3, we spoke to this essential human need – of belonging and connection. Our new brand and our launch campaigns attempted to show that we are truly here for them, and we are here to wrap our arms around them, in the ways that the credit unions used to be known for while delivering a remarkable member experience.

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