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Coast Capital Digital Money Chat

In 2011, Coast Capital introduced a new in-branch financial planning tool called Money Chat, which for over 10 years was a very successful tool for Coast to engage members in financial wellbeing conversations and drive positive business results. In 2020, as part of a larger strategic planning process to extend our legacy as a cooperative while adapting to the rapidly evolving needs of our members, Coast set out to evolve and relaunch the Money Chat tool, transitioning from a paper-based in-branch resource, to a modern day, digital engagement solution to serve as the first proof point of our new corporate strategy. To successfully launch Money Chat, we knew that we needed to succeed in two areas: product positioning and member communications. We informed our solution based on insights gleaned in the product development process, which included feedback from the team developing the product, direct feedback from users, and feedback from our frontline teams across our network. Coast developed a two-phase implementation for Money Chat. First, Coast launched Money Chat as a soft launch in mid-May 2021 to receive early feedback from our Members and Employees. Second, equipped with the learning from our soft launch, Coast launched Money Chat to current and prospective Members. We supported this phase with messaging with multiple campaign tactics – digital, email, digital banking platform messaging, branch messaging and updated our website. We also implemented multiple end-to-end automated journeys to drive engagement with the tool. The launch of Money Chat was an incredible success. We exceeded our new channel target by 12%, exceeded our Net Promoter Score Money Chat target by 16% and continued to received rave reviews from our members on how helpful the tool was in creating a plan for their best financial future.

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