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Your Two Cents: The second season

“Talking about your money is rude” is a taboo we feel strongly about changing. Atlantic Credit Unions believe having uncomfortable or confusing conversations about money leads to higher financial literacy rates and more thoughtful consumers.

But who wants to talk about stuffy finances? We know there are plenty of more interesting things to learn about than money, which is why we made Your Two Cents, a financially savvy web-series that makes talking about money exciting. With the first season being a hit among our audiences, we brought Your Two Cents back for a second season.

Designed to reach young Atlantic Canadians, this series is created for 20–30-somethings and aims to give honest financial advice about jobs, gadgets, entrepreneurship, homeownership, hobbies, and everything in between.

Through 12 episodes featuring Canadian talent, Your Two Cents shines a light on how financial advice can be entertaining—and dare we say it—even fun.

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