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Supporting our small businesses during worldwide pandemic

Acquiring and retaining commercial and small business memberships are an important part of  credit union business operations. Throughout 2020, we supported the  development of a marketing strategy aimed at increasing awareness of Atlantic  credit unions’ small business products and services among current and  prospective small business owners/members.

To help us reach our goal of increasing awareness, a series of tactics were  deployed to help us align with our strategy. This included sharing testimonial  style videos and content through our financial blog, Despite  challenges facing small businesses as a result of COVID-19, business  membership had a net increase of 162 members in 2020 and Atlantic Business  Magazine’s readers named credit unions the Best Financial Institution in  Atlantic Canada for Small Businesses.

To promote credit unions’ small business offerings, a mix of online paid  media, earned media, and owned media was applied, as well as providing credit  unions with materials to promote to their membership.


  • We developed a small business campaign and partnered with a media buyer,  Time + Space Media, to develop a paid media strategy targeting our audiences  on the channels we knew they frequented. To augment the regional marketing  efforts, we provided materials and tools for credit unions to promote at the  branch level to easily connect with their current and/or prospective business  members through direct mail, radio, email marketing, website, social media,  in-branch, etc.
  • In June 2020, we joined credit unions across the country in the  #loyal2localchallenge to support small businesses in our communities. As part  of this initiative, we gave each Atlantic Canadian credit union employee $25  to spend at a local small business of their choice to help provide financial  support to local businesses impacted by the pandemic. The initiative resulted  in $67,000+ spent at local businesses and generated social media  conversations, over 2 million media impressions, and most importantly  encouraged conversations to support local.
  • To help audiences understand the credit union difference when it comes to  small business, we partnered with two social media influencers who started  their business in 2020 with the help of their credit union. We shared their  story through a four-part video series generating thousands of brand mentions  and interest/inquiries for our small business offering.
  • Through our sponsorship of Your Two Cents (a web series that aims to  inform the next generation how to be savvy with their money), we promoted  videos featuring small business stories and tips for starting a  business.
    We interviewed seven small business members and created videos to share  their business stories and testimonials from their experience of working with  their credit union, sharing their stories through our owned channels such as and Atlantic Credit Unions social media.

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