Laptop showing Synergy Credit Union's new website.

Digital Banking and website - Video Tour

The video tour of our new website was a supplemental tactic to a much larger campaign. It is a spin off the overarching “Digital House” theme and intended to enhance the housewarming feel. Imagine going to someone’s new home, and after you kick off your shoes and hang up your coat, the homeowner is pretty excited (as are you) to have a tour of their new home. Continuing the warmth and feel of our digital house, inviting members and the public at large to join us on a tour of the website was a perfect fit.

This video tour emanates the warmth and welcoming feel of the new website, which echoes how one would feel if they walked into any of our physical branch locations. The voice over is done by a Synergy employee, further drawing the listener in. The tour features key elements that will help inform the user while they navigate the intuitive site.

“We are excited to open our new digital branch. Come on in and take a tour.”

We had several key items that were important to highlight on our tour to make sure the viewers were aware, primarily:

  • We renamed navigation from the traditional “personal, business, agriculture” then “chequing accounts, savings accounts, etc.” to “Spend, Save, Borrow, Plan, Learn and Experts”
  • We added a numerous self serve features which were not on the previous site, so highlighted those; features such as FAQs, blog, video demos, help centre and digital status updates
  • Popular pages such as rates, fees and calculators were on the tour
  • Connecting with our experts is important, so we showed where to learn more about each and how to reach out to them
  • Careers is also a top page viewed
  • The ability for anyone to have a direct line to our CEO is a pretty big deal, and we feature this on our home page
  • To draw people to the ‘wallpaper’ in our ‘house’, we invite them to submit their photos to continue to help us decorate.
  • And finally, we invite people to share their thoughts with us on the pop-up survey they’ll see when visiting the website

The video tour was written in house and the development of the video was put together by a local videographer.

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