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Coast Capital Trusted Advice

Coast Capital’s  brand and advertising has traditionally focused on free chequing. While this  approach was very effective at driving retail member growth, it also created  brand perceptions that limited our ability to grow our wealth, small  business, and commercial divisions. With ambitious plans for future growth,  we knew that we needed to correct these perceptions, quickly. In 2020, Coast  Capital set out to evolve our brand, and build our reputation as a financial  service provider equipped to support the end-to-end needs of retail banking  and business members.

Informed by the new reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched our  campaign titled Trusted Advice from August – November 2020 that took a deeply  human creative approach featuring members directly discussing the real  financial anxieties that Canadians were facing.

The campaign takeaway was clear and credible: Coast Capital offers genuine  care and advice that is meaningfully different then the big banks. Honest,  relatable, and member-centric, the approach worked hard to differentiate from  the inundation of corporate COVID brand messages that appeared in 2020, while  also evolving perceptions of the Coast Capital brand.

Our core strategic thought was that now more than ever, Canadians required  trusted advice when making financial decisions. Canadian’s do not need a  bank. They need a genuine partner. A partner backed by experience and  expertise. A partner who puts its members, not their shareholders, first.  That partner was Coast Capital.  

The campaign took an integrated marketing approach to cost effectively  reach a large percentage of our target segments across BC, and prioritized  video within our mix to create an impactful, emotional connection with our  audience. TV, radio, out of home, digital, and PR also supported the  campaign. In parallel to developing the campaign, we refreshed our visual  identity to modernize our brand and create further distinction in the BC  market.

With a strong consumer insight, impactful and distinct creative idea, and  disciplined media execution, the campaign resonated with both members and  non-members, significantly improving our brand perception metrics to over 2X  our target scores. In addition, the campaign far surpassed tactical  benchmarks for both digital and public relations. Perhaps most importantly  however, the campaign received incredible feedback from our employees, who  during the pandemic have become front line workers helping our members manage  their financial futures.

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Creative agency - Rethink Media agency - Vizeum Coast Capital Team: VP Marketing - Andrew Rusk Director of Marketing - Trish Tambellini Sr Marketing Manager - Ashley Gagnon